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Fully protected

with the latest technology

Protective measures & care

Protection against break-ins

Every three minutes, a house in Germany gets broken into – and the figures are rising. Prosecution rates are low, and the damage done is not just a matter of the loss of material goods. The most common targets for gaining entry are poorly secured windows and French windows.

How can you protect yourself effectively against break-ins? A key factor here is a locking technology that prevents handles from being lifted. For even more protection, we can also supply special window handles and burglar resistant glass.

Sound insulation

When it comes to sound insulation, our solid wooden windows do very well in comparison to PVC windows. Through the special structure of the glazing, we can realise any class of sound insulation for you – depending on the situation in terms of noise level. To do so, we make use of special sound-absorbing films and gas fillings, as well as solid, sound-insulating profiles and perfectly fitted joint sealants.

Thermal insulation

Our wooden windows and doors are high-tech products which generate more heat than they lose, due to their outstanding thermal insulation properties. A good energy-saving window lets a lot of the sun's energy into the building but allows very little heat to escape to the outside. This is something that the German federal government also understands and thus rewards particularly energy-efficient building and renovation measures through a range of subsidy programmes with financial incentives from the government-owned development bank KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau).

Protecting the wood

The advanced painting/varnishing techniques that are used at BARTYN mean that our wooden windows leave the factory with an exceptionally high level of protection. The very best protection for wood is provided by our aluminium outer shells. In order to increase the life of your wooden windows even further, we recommend the appropriate maintenance and care. We would be happy to give you advice with regard to the best products to use. 


Maintenance and care

The protective treatments and painting/varnishing technologies that we use for our windows will provide protection from rain and UV rays. However, you can considerably extend the life of your windows and retain their beauty for longer with the right regime of maintenance and care. Protection against moisture plays a particularly important role and will prevent your high-quality windows from swelling up and thus losing their original dimensions. We have the right products for you. Simply ask our advisors.

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