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Traditional craftsmanship meets the latest technology

Manufacture of

your quality windows

Ambitious and sustainably-built architecture needs building materials like wood. It is an extremely hard-wearing raw material with the ideal properties in terms of its physical structure. Working with wood not only makes sense and is efficient, it is also unavoidable for energy-efficient building, healthy living and for houses with character. The native timber we use comes from the healthy forests of the Suwalki Lake District, where we process it in the local region to create our high quality products.

At BARTYN, we see our craftsmanship as bespoke work. Our windows are a symbol of quality and tradition. Combined with future-oriented innovation, these two elements form the basis of the success story of our company. Despite the high degree of technology used at BARTYN, there is no getting away from the fact that the construction of wooden windows is still to a great extent a matter of manual processes. This requires highly-trained and experienced employees. In the manufacture of our wooden windows at BARTYN, a highly-qualified team of employees with fine instincts for their work and decades of experience are responsible for building our unique products. The windows they construct with their professional skill and the use of the latest technology are available in a range of sophisticated versions, and can also be manufactured according the individual wishes of our customers, in order to fulfil the requirements of any architectural style. We manufacture more than 10,000 windows every year.  Around 80% of these are sold on the international market. 


Live and love the individual character of your wooden windows from BARTYN. 

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Wooden windows

We at BARTYN love wood – this living material, with its individual charm and natural elegance cannot be matched by any other raw material. It's no wonder that wood is the traditional and most well established material for the construction of windows. Wood is an energy-saving, natural and renewable raw material, with a diverse range of possible uses. We design and create the dimensions for your windows on an individual basis, according to your needs and wishes – both windows with a historical character and those with a contemporary style. In doing so, we consider outstanding properties in terms of thermal insulation, quality in respect of air and watertightness, sound insulation and mechanical load bearing to be an absolute must.

Advantages of wooden windows

  • high level of stability and dimensional stability

  • long life 

  • can be painted in a wide range of colours

  • sustainable and environmentally friendly


  • IV68: tried-and-tested when it comes to renovation and listed buildings, slim-line traditional style with double glazing

  • IV78: first level profile in terms of energy efficiency, with triple glazing, and optimal benefit-cost ratio

  • IV92: the current top of the class when it comes to energy-efficiency, with triple glazing up to Ug = 0,5 W/m2K 

naroznik 4_brąz plus allu_300kb_72dpi edited-min.jpg


  • System: IV68, IV78, IV92

  • Construction depths (mm): 68, 78, 92

  • Sealing system: 1-3

  • Pane structure: 2 to 3 panes

  • Visible width of sash frame (mm): 80

  • UW min 0.74 W/m2K*

*(Calculation according to DIN ISO 10077-1 for profile IV92/80, wood type spruce, triple glazing with Ug = 0.50W/m2K, Ψg = 0.030 W/mK)

_190kb_72 dpi_DSR9089 edited-min.jpg


  • System: IV68

  • Construction depth (mm): 68

  • Sealing system: 1-3

  • Pane construction: 2 to 3 panes

  • Visible width of sash frame (mm): 58

  • UW min 0.98 W/m2K*

*(Calculation according to DIN ISO 10077-1 for profile IV68/58, wood type spruce, triple glazing with Ug = 0.77W/m2K, Ψg = 0.030 W/mK)

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naroznik 3_jasny beż_300kb_72dpi edited.jpg


  • System: IV68, IV78, IV92

  • Construction depths (mm): 68, 78, 92

  • Sealing system: 1-3

  • Pane structure: 2 to 3 panes

  • Visible width of sash frame (mm): 80

  • UW min 0.74 W/m2K*

*(Calculation according to DIN ISO 10077-1 for profile IV92/80, wood type spruce, triple glazing with Ug = 0.50W/m2K, Ψg = 0.030 W/mK)

ciemniej jasniej_300kb_72dpi_DSR9948edited.jpeg-min.jpg

HS doors

  • System: IV68, IV78, IV92

  • Construction depths (mm): 68, 78, 92

  • Sealing system: 2

  • Pane structure: 2 to 3 panes

  • Visible width of sash frame (mm): 80

naroznik 2_ciemny beż_300kb_72dpi edited-min.jpg


  • System: IV68, IV78, IV92

  • Construction depths (mm): 68, 78, 92

  • Sealing system: 1-3

  • Pane structure: 2 to 3 panes

  • Visible width of sash frame (mm): 80

  • UW min 0.74 W/m2K*

*(Calculation according to DIN ISO 10077-1 for profile IV92/80, wood type spruce, triple glazing with Ug = 0.50W/m2K, Ψg = 0.030 W/mK)

180D47FE-D2FC-4D3B-9AE2-8112CB5B1F64 compressed.jpg
Holz Alufenster

Wood-Aluminium windows

Wood-Aluminium windows are the most exclusive windows on the current market, as their design and the technology used are of an incomparably high standard. This combination of materials offers the respective advantages of each of the materials, saves energy and provides security: On the exterior, a maintenance-free aluminium shell acts as a protective layer meaning that maintenance and painting are no longer an issue. On the interior, the warm, living feeling of wood in an elegant design provides exceptional thermal insulation values. A system is thereby created that meets the highest standards both in terms of technical performance and aesthetics. 
Painting and maintenance of the outside of the windows? Not anymore! Simply enjoy the view and leave the rest to your windows.   

Advantages of wood-aluminium windows

  • long life

  • stability
  • elegant design

  • easy maintenance

  • a diversity of designs



Our most popular wood-aluminium system with a classic shape. Like all our system profiles, it can be ordered with both plugged and welded corners. It is distinguished by its high functionality and simple design.

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A timber-aluminium construction characterized by a concealed aluminium sash profile. The sash is not visible from the outside and is almost entirely concealed by the frame creating the visual impression of a frame with fixed glazing.

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System with straight lines and right-angled shapes. The sash surface is recessed in relation to the frame surface, creating two independent surfaces. Its uncompromising, geometric design makes it particularly popular in modern buildings.

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Lift and slide doors

Two options adapted for use with our Linear, Quadrat & Quadrat FB profiles. Gemini SI Standard as a traditional HS door design consisting of an active sash (active leaf) and a passive sash. Gemini SI SKY as a accessible construction for lift & slide doors with a fixed glazed frame in place of a passive sash, thus providing more light in the interior.

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Quadrat FB

Characterized by its flush-mounted sash and frame, which visually appear to form a single surface. Like our other systems, the profile is also distinguished by its high functionality and outstanding durability.

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Colours:  RAL and others possible on an individual basis.


Aluminium windows

At BARTYN we always listen to the suggestions of our customers and try to implement them successively. We strive to constantly improve and offer our customers more and better services. We would like to offer you a completely new range of aluminum windows, doors and sliding doors from the well-known and popular ALUPROF brand.

Aluminum windows are synonymous with modern style, in line with the trends of contemporary architecture. They are characterized by high durability, scratch resistance, resistance to moisture and sunlight. They ensure excellent heat and sound insulation. In addition, they are easy to maintain and their installation is efficient and hassle-free. Durable aluminum profiles enable the construction of impressive glazing with very large dimensions, ideally suited to modern architecture of family houses and larger investments.


Advantages of aluminium windows:

  • thermal insulation

  • modern design

  • innovative solutions

  • design options

  • above-average security

1 MB-70_okno.jpg


MB-70 is a modern aluminum system for the execution of thermally and acoustically insulated architectural components in outdoor construction.




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4. MB-77 HS.jpg

MB-77 HS

Lift and slide doors are particularly suitable for connecting living spaces or conservatories with nature, for harmonious transitions from living spaces to balconies, terraces or gardens. They give access to the outside world.

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2. MB-86.jpg


The system allows the construction of various window and door structures and the use of panels with a wide range of thicknesses, so we can obtain products with very good properties, tailored to the specific needs of a particular facility.

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5. MB-86 Foldline.jpg

MB-86 Foldline

Folding doors for outdoor use give the user a lot of freedom. With these doors, favorable weather conditions can be exploited and the barrier between the interior of the building and its surroundings can be almost eliminated.

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3. MB- 104 Passive.jpg

MB-104 Passive

The window and door system with a thermal barrier MB-104 Passive with the highest level of thermal insulation meets all the requirements placed on the elements used in passive house construction. This system is used to execute architectural elements.

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6. MB-DPA.jpg


Sliding doors are an aesthetic, safe and comfortable solution. Due to their properties, they are used in small buildings as well as in large office buildings or shopping centers.

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Front doors

Wooden front doors

Discover the timeless beauty and numerous advantages of a wooden front door for your home:

  • Natural look: Wood is a warm and inviting material that adds a charming and elegant beauty to your entrance area. Each wooden door has unique grain and natural color variations that add a special touch to your home.

  • Excellent insulation: Wood is a natural insulator and provides an effective barrier against cold, heat and noise. With a wooden door, you can reduce energy consumption and create a comfortable indoor climate in your home.

  • Durability and stability: High-quality wooden doors are robust and durable. The material is weather resistant and withstands the challenges of daily use. With proper care, you can be sure your wooden door will retain its quality for many years.

  • Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource and an environmentally friendly choice. By using wooden doors, you support sustainability and contribute to the protection of our forests. In manufacturing our doors, we emphasize responsible forestry and use wood from certified sources.

  • Adaptability: Wooden doors offer a wide range of design options. You can choose from different types of wood, finishes, and styles to find a door that perfectly suits your home and your individual taste.

Wood-aluminium front doors

Here are some reasons why you should choose a wood-aluminium door:

  • Design and versatility: Wood-aluminium doors combine the natural beauty of wood with the modern elegance of aluminium. The wooden interior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the aluminium cladding on the outside provides robust protection against the elements. You can choose from different types of wood and aluminium finishes to find a door that perfectly suits your home and your individual style.

  • Excellent protection: The aluminium cladding on the door’s outside effectively protects against weather influences such as rain, snow, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations. This protects the wood from deformation, discoloration and other damage. A wood-aluminium door thus offers a long service life and requires only minimal maintenance.

  • Energy efficiency: The combination of wood and aluminium provides excellent thermal insulation. The natural insulating properties of wood combined with the weather resistance of aluminium reduce energy loss and help you cut heating costs. They can create a comfortable indoor climate and reduce environmental pollution simultaneously.

  • Sustainability: Wood-aluminium doors are an environmentally friendly choice. The wood comes from sustainable forestry, while aluminium is a fully recyclable. With a wood-aluminium door, you contribute to the protection of forests and at the same time help to conserve natural resources.

Aluminium front doors

These doors not only offer contemporary aesthetics, but also outstanding functions that enrich your home:

  • Modern design: Aluminium exterior doors provide your home with a contemporary and elegant look. Clean lines and slim profiles fit perfectly with modern architectural styles and create an impressive first impression for visitors.

  • Durability: Aluminum is an extremely robust material that withstands the demands of weather conditions such as rain, snow, UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. An aluminum exterior door retains its quality over time without fading, deforming or corroding.

  • Security: Aluminum front doors offer increased security for your home. The material is inherently robust and resistant to forced entry attempts. You can rely on your door to protect you and your family.

  • Energy efficiency: Aluminum is an excellent insulator of heat and cold. Using innovative technologies and thermal break systems, aluminum entrance doors provide effective insulation and help minimise energy loss. This allows you to reduce your energy costs and create a pleasant indoor climate at the same time.

  • Ease of care: Aluminium exterior doors require minimal maintenance. The material is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. With regular cleaning, your door will retain its shine and functionality for many years.



Invest in an entrance door made of wood and benefit from its timeless aesthetics, its excellent insulation, its durability and its environmentally friendly nature. A wooden door adds an inviting charm to your home and offers natural beauty due to individual grain and color variety.



Discover the perfect combination of timeless beauty and robust protection, energy efficiency, and durability, with wood-aluminum doors for your home. Enjoy not only the aesthetic variety, but also the reliable protection against the elements and the environmentally friendly construction of these high-quality exterior doors.



Aluminum exterior doors offer an excellent combination of modern design, a high level of security, effective insulation and ease of maintenance for your four walls. Experience the difference a robust aluminum exterior door can make to your home and benefit from its versatile advantages.



"As an architect, engineer and window expert, I know that wood forms the connecting element in sustainable building. We love wood and we show this in the way we work with it." 

—  Dipl. Ing. (FH)

M. Eng. Andrzej Bernhardt

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