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We set standards!

With our latest product, BARTYN 58™, we have succeeded in reducing the face width of the vent frame from 80 mm (standard) to 58 mm. This reduction results in a forend construction of an extremely slim 90 mm. This reduces the face width of the fighter to 131 mm.



Despite the slimming down, all the advantages of the modern IV profile remain in our BARTYN 58™. Both circumferential seals are still on the wing (the outer seal can optionally be omitted if desired).

bartyn-58 tm full.jpg
standard profile - eng.png

Up to 30% more light!

We can realize the narrow BARTYN 58™ sash in our Standard, Classic and Artisan profiles. In systems IV78 and IV92, the face width of the vent frame can be reduced to 68 mm.

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